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A Fool's Game

It’s a fool’s game to believe one can simultaneously achieve both love and fame, some say.

Helena believes she can achieve just this, but it’s a long, hard road for her. She grows up to the cries of bereaved refugee women in what, at the time, is a poor part of Greece. To tension in her parent’s calamitous marriage. To the local people, she and her family are spurned because they are not real Greeks. While on a quest for both love and fame, she remains obsessed with a lover she has abandoned long ago but who becomes her muse, her phantom lover. Intense, flamboyant – a prima donna – she struggles with a strong need to be recognized.

Hair, Helena believes, is significant in fairy tales and myth. It is the major weapon in a woman’s seductive armoury, the source of power since ancient times - the Biblical Samson, Lady Godiva, sun gods from India to Ireland - and so it will be for her. The creation of beautiful hair, unlike many occupations, makes people feel good about themselves.

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